Review Tab

Brief explanation of Review tab

The Review menu is where many of those tasks take place. You can make comments in cells for your colleagues, check spelling, track changes, and even restrict permission using items in the Review menu.

Formulas Tab Detailed
Formulas Tab
  1. Proofing – Proofing is an interesting feature in Excel that allows you to run spell checks in the excel sheet. In addition to spell checks, one can also make use of thesaurus if you to find the right word. There is also a research button that helps you navigate encyclopedia, dictionaries etc to perform tasks better.
  2. Language – If you need to translate your excel sheet from English to any other language, then you can use this feature.
  3. Comments – Comments are very helpful when you want to write an additional note for important cells. This helps user understand clearly the reasons behind your calculations etc.
  4. Changes – If you want to keep track of the changes that are made, then one can use Track Changes option here. Also, you can protect the worksheet or the workbook using a password from this option.

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