Time and Motion Tracker

Time & Motion
Time & Motion

Time and Motion study is a method of listing down all the activities/transaction with Start and End Time. In this process, we record times for every transaction. Time & Motion helps us in identify the steps which is taking a lot of time. Once, we will find out the time taking steps then we can start working on automation or elimination of those steps, if possible.

Time and Motion Tracker in Excel

In this article, we will discuss how to develop a Time & Motion Tracker in Excel with the help of VBA code. The good thing with this tracker is, it is easy to develop and we need minimum VBA codes which can be done without having advanced knowledge of Excel and VBA.

So, without any further delay, let us start preparing this Time and Motion Tracker in Excel from scratch.

Steps to develop Time and Motion Tracker

Step 1. Open the Excel Application and create a Blank workbook.

Step 2. Save the file with the name ‘Time & Motion Tracker’ having ‘.XLSM’ extension.

Step 3. Rename the Sheet1 to ‘T&M. Create the Caption, Table and Command buttons as mentioned in below image.

Time & Motion
Time & Motion

Step 4. As T&M sheet is ready with required Caption, Command Buttons (Start & End) and Table, let us move to VBA window. To do, just move to Developer Table and the click on Visual Basic in Code group (as mentioned in below image).

GoTo VBA Window
GoTo VBA Window

Step 5. Now, we are in Visual Basic Window. Let us insert a New Module to write the code. To Insert a module, click on Insert Menu then click on Module (as mentioned in below image).

Step 6. Now, we have inserted a blank Module1. Let’s double click on Module1 to view the code window.

Step 7. We need to write the Sub Procedures to Initialize Date & Employee Name, Start Time and End Time. Please copy and paste the below Procedures in Code Window of Module1.

Sub Procedure to initialize Date and Employee Name for next record or at the time of opening the workbook.

Code to capture Start Time for a particular task.

Code to capture End Time, Total Time and Initialize next record with Date and Employee Name.

Step 8. Let’s call the ‘Sub Intialize()’ on Workbook Open events so that user will find the filled data in Date and Employee Name column. To do that, just double click on ‘ThisWorkbook’ available in Project Explorer and move to Code window. Copy and paste the below code (as mentioned in image mentioned after code).

Workbook Open Event
Workbook Open Event

Step 9. Let us move to Excel window and assign the macro on START and END button.

Assign Macro on Start Button : Right Click on Start Button then click on Assign Macro… In Assign Macro window, please select the Macro Name ‘Start_Time’ and then click on OK (please see the below image).

Assign Macro on End Button : Right Click on End Button then click on Assign Macro… In Assign Macro window, please select the Macro Name ‘End_Time’ and then click on OK (please see the below image).

Now, you have done with all required steps for Time and Motion Tracker in Excel. You can start utilizing this tool.

Please click on below button to download the Excel file used in this tutorial. This is handy tool hence you can use it after downloading.

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