Sales Dashboard in Power BI with 3 Steps – Dynamic and Interactive

Introduction to Sales Dashboard in Power BI

In this article, we will see the Sales Dashboard which has been developed in Power BI. This dashboard is one pager but due to dynamically changing the metrics on selection, it will act like it has multiple pages providing performance summary of several KPIs.

What is Sales Dashboard?

A sales dashboard is like a summary on a single screen that shows how well a company is selling its products or services. It displays key information about sales performance, like the number of items sold, total revenue earned, and any trends over time. Think of it as a quick glance at the sales health of a business, helping managers and teams make informed decisions to improve sales strategies and outcomes.

Watch YouTube Tutorial

YouTube Tutorial

Understanding Data, Calculation and Visualization

Here, we have connected the sales data from Excel file which has several columns covering all the required datapoints of sales performance. Please see the below snapshot of Sales Data.

Sales Raw Data for Power BI

KPI calculated in the Sales Dashboard

This Sales Dashboard has multiple KPIs e.g. Transactions, # Quantity Sold, $ Sales (Mn), Average Basket Value, Total Profit (Mn) and Profit %, etc.

Visualizations and Slicer in Sales Dashboard

Sales Dashboard in Power BI

On top portion of the dashboard, we have placed header of the dashboard ‘Sales Dashboard in Power BI’ with multiple slicers like Product, Sales Manager, Category and Date on the right side.

Below the slicers and header, we have several Tiles to show the sales KPI performance e.g. # Transactions, # Quantity Sold, $ Sales (Mn), Average Basket Value, Total Profit (Mn) and Profit %, etc.

Below the cards, we are showing the KPI performance by Date, Product Name, Sales Manager and Country using beautiful charts and visualizations.

By default, all the charts are showing the performance for # Transaction. User can see other KPI performance by clicking on any other Tiles. So the tiles are clickable and help user in changing the metrics in all the charts dynamically.

Live Sales Dashboard

Click to download

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