Interactive Chart on Mouse Hover

In this article, we will discuss how to create a chart and change the series & it’s value on mouse hover. Though, there is no Mouse Hover event in Excel however, we will use an alternate method to simulate Mouse Hover event and change the series of a line chart. You can apply the same tips for other charts or calculation in Excel.

Internactive Chart 3

Below is the snapshot of data which has been used in this chart. This is the zone-wise sales performance data from Jan to Dec.

Raw Data

Have created a support table for line chart.

Support Data

Insert a line chart on the support table and format the chart and move to first worksheet.

Jump to visual basic application window and insert a blank module. Create a User Defined function.


Now, move to Excel window and create labels for North, South, East and West.


User the Hyperlink formula and pass the user-defined function as a parameter in Hyperlink function. Refer the below mentioned formula for North. Replicate the same for other zone as well.

=”North” & IFERROR(HYPERLINK(MouseHover(“North”),””),””)

Now, our interactive chart is done.

Please watch this step by step tutorial on YouTube.

Please click on below button to download the excel file used in this tutorial.

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