Frequently Used Microsoft Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

No matter whether you are new to Excel or familiar with this amazing tool, it will always surprise by the number and variety of keyboard shortcuts. Excel shortcuts will always help you in speeding up your work and generally make things more convenient.

As the list of Excel shortcut is very large, it will very difficult for anyone to memorize all the keyboard combos. Everyone’s requirement is different, so some of the keyboard shortcuts will be more useful to you than others.

Here, we’ve compiled the most useful shortcuts that will help you a lot.

General Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+N                                            Create a new workbook
  • Ctrl+O                                            Open an existing workbook
  • Ctrl+S                                             Save a workbook
  • F12                                                   Open the Save As dialog box
  • Ctrl+W                                          Close a workbook
  • Ctrl+F4                                         Close Excel
  • F4                                                    Repeat the last command or action
  • Shift+F11                                      Insert a new worksheet
  • Ctrl+Z                                            Undo an action
  • Ctrl+Y                                            Redo an action
  • F1                                                     Open the Help pane
  • F7                                                     Check spelling
  • F9                                                    Calculate all worksheets in all open workbooks
  • Shift+F9                                       Calculate active worksheets
  • Ctrl+F1                                          Show or hide the ribbon
  • Ctrl+Shift+U                              Expand or collapse the formula bar
  • Ctrl+F9                                         Minimize the workbook window
  • Ctrl+F                                           Search in a spreadsheet, or use Find and Replace
  • Alt+F                                              Open the File tab menu
  • Ctrl+Tab                                      Switch between open workbooks

Navigating Shortcuts:

  • Left/Right Arrow                          Move one cell to the left or right
  • Ctrl+Left/Right Arrow               Move to the farthest cell left or right in the row
  • Up/Down Arrow                           Move one cell up or down
  • Ctrl+Up/Down Arrow                Move to the top or bottom cell in the column
  • Tab                                                      Go to the next cell
  • Shift+Tab                                         Go to the previous cell
  • Ctrl+End                                          Go to the most bottom right used cell
  • Home                                                 Go to the leftmost cell in the current row
  • Ctrl+Home                                      Move to the beginning of a worksheet
  • Page Up/Down                              Move one screen up or down in a worksheet
  • Alt+Page Up/Down                    Move one screen to the right or left in a worksheet
  • Ctrl+Page Up/Down                   Move to the previous or next worksheet

Cell formatting Shortcuts:

  • Ctrl+B                                            Add or remove bold to the contents of a cell(s)
  • Ctrl+I                                             Add or remove italics to the contents of a cell(s)
  • Ctrl+U                                           Add or remove underline to the contents of a cell(s)
  • Alt+H+H                                      Select a fill color
  • Alt+H+B                                       Add a border
  • Ctrl+Shift+&                              Apply outline border
  • Ctrl+Shift+_                              Remove outline border
  • Ctrl+9                                           Hide the selected rows
  • Ctrl+0                                           Hide the selected columns
  • Ctrl+1                                            Open the Format Cells dialog box
  • Ctrl+5                                           Apply or remove strike through
  • Ctrl+Shift+$                              Apply currency format
  • Ctrl+Shift+%                             Apply percent format

Editing Cells Shortcuts:

  • F2                                                    Edit a cell
  • Shift+F2                                       Add or edit a cell comment
  • Ctrl+X                                           Cut contents of a cell(s)
  • Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert            Copy contents of a cell(s)
  • Ctrl+V or Shift+Insert          Paste contents of a cell(s)
  • Ctrl+Alt+V                                  Open the Paste Special dialog box
  • Delete                                            Remove the contents of a cell(s)
  • Alt+H+D+C                                Delete column
  • Esc                                                  Cancel an entry in a cell or the formula bar
  • Enter                                             Complete an entry in a cell or the formula bar


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