Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI : Exam DA-100

Data Analysts always play a vital role in enabling businesses to maximize the value of their data assets by using using BI and other tools. As a subject matter expert, Data Analysts are responsible for designing and preparing data models, performing ETL (Extract Transform and Load) task, and enabling advanced analytic capabilities that provide insights of business through data visualizations (graphs, charts and info-graphics). Data Analysts also collaborate with clients and key stakeholders across organizations to deliver relevant insights based on their business requirements.

So looking at the responsibilities and importance of Data Analyst (DA) in an organization, DA must have hands on experience and deep knowledge of a BI tool. Here, Power BI plays a important role in empowering a DA with all the functionalities so that DA can connect with any of the data source and do the analysis to provide the required insights.

If you want to get the required set of skill sets to become a good Data Analyst then you must must be certified on Exam DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI. This certification has been recently started by Microsoft and is available in the Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, Japanese.

Exam DA-100 measures your ability to accomplish the below technical tasks:

  • Prepare the data (20-25%)
  • Model the data (25-30%)
  • Visualize the data (20-25%)
  • Analyze the data (10-15%)
  • Deploy and maintain deliverables (10-15%)

There are several way to prepare this certifications. If you want to go with Microsoft Training program then you have two options:

Online – Free : This is completely free course provided by Microsoft. This will help you in gaining the skills needed to become certified. This has five different sections. You can explore these by clicking on the below link.

Get started with Microsoft data analytics

Prepare data for analysis

Model data in Power BI

Visualize data in Power BI

Data analysis in Power BI

Instructor-led – Paid: This is paid course by Microsoft. This course will discuss the various methods and best practices that are in line with business and technical requirements for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI.

You can also explore Udemy course. Please follow the below link.


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