Employee Activities Tracker version 2.0 – Premium Tool

Employee Activities Tracker

A Fully Automated Employees Time Tracking software – easily captures the activities code and time stamps so that employee and management can see how and where employees are spending their time. It helps them to improve their productivity and time management.

Employee Activities Tracker
Employee Activities and Task Management Tracker
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Employee Activities Tracker provides all the features to track all the activities performed by an employee in office hours. It also provides additional features e.g.  User management, Database Configuration, Report Generation and Dynamic & Customized Drop-down fields from the User Interface (UI).

There are several software available in market which provides all the features. You just need to buy, configure it and start using. But the real challenge is budget, annual maintenance charge and company InfoSec policy. You can’t go for any software vendor. You just need to go for some premium software so that you can start using the tool to manage the required task.

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Considering all the issues e.g. Budget, InfoSec policies and maintenance, Excel based application is the best alternatives you can choose. Now a days, almost every computer has Microsoft Office hence, Excel based application does not increase the software and maintenance cost. Also, there is no threat of data security as codes and everything is with you. You don’t need to worry about cost, development skill and other maintenance charge & efforts.

Here, our team has developed a Fully Automated Employee Activities Tracker version 2.0 with all the features. It allows all the functionalities which premium software provides e.g. Login Window, Login Time, Tracking Activities Time, User Management, Drop-down management and Report Generation.

Login Window

image 15
Login Window

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Home Page

image 16
Home Page

Activity Tracker Window

image 17
Activities Tracker Page

User Management Window

image 18
User Management
image 19
Drop-down Management

Report Generation in a Separate Excel File

image 20
Report Generation

MS Access has been used as a database hence, all the functionalities will be available for multiple users. Multiple employees can use this tool simultaneously without facing any issues. You just need to set the centralized database path, configure the Employee Activities Tracker and distribute this application to your team members.

Note: If you don’t have MS Access installed on your PC then you don’t need to worry about that.

MS Access Database for Activities Tracker (password is thedatalabs)

image 21
MS Access Database (Tables) You don’t need to worry about these tables as all activities will be managed from User Interface in Excel

Database Path configuration settings

image 22
Database Configuration

Please watch our YouTube Video for Demo of tool and how to configure according to your requirement.

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    • Hi there, please download the version 1.0 and use the code. Version 2.0 is protected and only for usage. Thanks!

    • Hi there,

      For version 2.0, code is not free and protected with copyrights. It is only available for usage. I would request you to download the version 1.0 as code is freely available. Thanks!

  1. Hi

    Its good tool and effectively used will help in maximizing productivity…..

    I have downloaded the file…can you help customizing the file for drop down and few other task

  2. I have downloaded version 1.0 and it is locked as well.

    If you can share the password on my email id then it would be much appreciated


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