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Develop Survey or Feedback Form in Excel and VBA

0 How to develop customer survey/feedback form in Microsoft Excel and VBA? Survey or Feedback form helps business to know what their customer think about their...

VBA to Send Email from Excel with Attachment and Image in Mail Body

VBA to Send Email from Excel with Attachment and Image in Mail Body Create Excel file and design the ‘Home’ page and user email list table Open VBA window and insert blank module Write VBA code to send automated emails Attach an Excel file to the email Show image in mail body without losing the reference (using content id) HTML to create the mail body

Create a SQL Query Executor Application in MS Excel and VBA

No other tool can replace the usage and flexibilities of SQL. SQL statement provides the output of any simple or complex queries very quickly. You don't need to click anywhere or follow any steps to query the data. You just need to write the SQL query and it will provide the output in fraction of seconds. Just imagine, if we can use the SQL statement to query the data from Excel Workbook then it will save a lot of time and also, we can run complex queries which would be practically tough to process in Excel with inbuilt query functions/steps.

Multi-Level Dependent Dynamic Drop-down Lists in Excel VBA

How to Create a Multi-level dependent dynamic Drop-down lists using a single user defined function in VBA? Whenever we develop any automated tools/trackers in Excel...

Customer Order Form in Google Sheet and Apps Script

In this post, we will learn how to develop Customer Order Form with conditional data transfer. With the help of this form, you can take order form customer and transfer the data on product sheet.


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