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Sunday, November 27, 2022
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Tag: Stock Tool

Automated NSE Option Chain Data Extractor

Lets understand the term Option Chain Analysis. The option chain allows the trader to evaluate the liquidity and depth of each specific strike. The option chain does not only capture the executed price but also captures real time bid price, ask price, bid quantity and ask quantity. The option chain matrix analysis is most useful for the next trading day so people need to copy / paste this data all the time which is a difficult task hence I have automated this tool in which you can simply get the data in a click of a button within no time. Let’s understand how to use this tool with the help of a guided tour. Firstly, let’s go to 1st page, select any stock from the drop down list as showing here. After this, just check the expiry of this data in next column and click go button. Within 3-5 seconds you will get a pop up on you screen saying data is extracted. And that’s it, you will get the data for option chain and future contracts in next tab. Its simple right?

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