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Tag: Automated Leave Tracker

Download Leave Tracker

Business & Annual Leave Tracker version 1.0 Please click on below button to download the Business & Annual Leave Tracker version 1.o. Don't forget to provide your feedback and subscribe our YouTube Channel. Thanks!

Using Annual Leave Tracker

How to use Business & Annual Leave Tracker? How to use Business & Annual Leave Tracker? In previous article, we discussed about Business & Annual Leave Tracker and how to customize the same as per your business requirement. In this post, we will focus on how to use this tool, apply leave and generate reports. The usage of this tool has been divided into three different functionalities: 1. Plan 2. Summary 3. Database On 'Home' sheet, you will find the below mentioned User Interface where there are three different buttons (Plan, Summary and Database).
Business & Annual Leave Tracker

Annual Leave Tracker

Business & Annual Leave Tracker Business & Annual Leave Tracker is Excel based an automated tool to track and generate leave reports for a team or a function. This tracker is fully customizable and you can make the changes according to your business required. It supports 15 employees and 4 types of leaves. It's totally dynamic in nature and you can change the Holidays list, Weekend details, Employee names and Leave types as per your requirement. It's generate automatic report which shows all the dates against Leave type, Employee name and month.

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